Top Pilates Teacher Programs and Certifications 2022

Now is the time to actually do it. I meet many people who have a desire and interest in diving deeper into anatomy and body control. People who want to become Pilates teachers or instructors. Therefore, I thought it was a good time to write about my understanding of top Pilates certifications and programs.

What does it mean to be a certified Pilates teacher?

I often get the question whether we as a Pilates sportswear brand, and I as a certified Pilates instructor have any insight in good certification programs. And of course I do. I train with, and speak to instructors almost on a daily basis. As a sportswear brand we test all Pebbles sportswear on instructors and also take the opportunity to hear about their Pilates journey and story. So far I have come to the conclusion that these are really good Pilates instructor programs that will give you a very good certification.

The difference between Pilates Certification and Pilates Teacher Programs

When you do your due diligence you have to know that there are companies that offers Pilates certifications for those who are new to Pilates, and then there are Teacher Programs that you can take and get certifications within, for those who are already Pilates teachers. The later meaning, for those who are already fully certified instructors, but want to gain more in depth knowledge. As I get questions about both types, and meet and work with instructors that are well versed within both, I thought I share some top insight on both.


STOTT Certification 

In order to become a certified STOTT Pilates instructor you have to pass both a written and practical exam. The STOTT education is well recognized and well respected within the fitness industry due to its high education standards and their aim to stay updated on new research and industry advancements. You can chose to become certified in various moduls, which means you can become certified as a mat Pilates instructor or fully certified. As fully certified you can teach on all STOTT Pilates machines or equipments. As a STOTT Pilates instructor you will learn about anatomy and there are different options of programs depending on your previous level of knowledge within anatomy. You will also have to take education within special injuries but it is important to know that all Pilates instructors are not necessarily educated physiotherapists. 

STOTT offers both certifications for the ones new to Pilates and also Teacher Training Programs for those already familiar and are working as instructors and who already know the repertoire and who know their anatomy.

"Our signature STOTT PILATES education method is unparalleled in the industry for its thoroughness and quality."

BASI Certification

Just like STOTT, BASI is for both the one who is new to Pilates and want to become a Certified Pilates Instructor, and for the already certified teacher who wants to gain more in depth knowledge.

BASI stands for (Body Arts and Science International) and as most of the programs BASI bases its principles and education on Joseph and Clara Pilates. BASI takes pride in offering one of the most comprehensive Pilates education experience and educational resources available.

"Established in 1989 by world-renowned Pilates Educator Rael Isacowitz, BASI™ has been a leader in top-tier Pilates education for 30 years and counting."

Equinox Certification

The world famous gym Equinox has developed Equinox Pilates Training Institute. The founder of the program is Carrie Macy Samper. Carrie herself holds certifications from Romana Kryzanowska, Power Pilates. The program is much focused on how to teach each exercise properly and you will gain great knowledge in teaching in a Group Fitness environment. Equinox Pilates Teacher Certification is for anyone without any prior experience to Pilates or anatomy. You can take both a certification in order to learn to tech their Pilates exercises on the mat only, or on the mat and on the Pilates machines.

"You’ll learn the functional reasons behind the authentic exercises, how to create thoughtful session programming, and focused, effective cueing techniques – all supported by practical anatomy, voice training and business skills."

The Read Thread Pilates Advanced Teacher Training

The Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Program teaches you not only the connection between each exercise but the application of the Pilates Method. It trains you on what to look at and what apparatus to use to build your clients workout and balance their bodies. It is not only the how but the why, when and where of the the Method.

As a teacher you will no longer view the Pilates as a list of exercises, but as a complex method that can be simplified by understanding the thread that weaves between each exercise.

The groups are formed with individuals chosen to create optimum learning. The program focuses on the application of the method- not exercises and how to execute them. I have five of almost every piece of equipment for integrated learning. This means you never sit and watch, unless I am instructing, but you are able to be hands on, as the teacher or student.

"The program is for comprehensively trained teachers with a minimum of five years active training."

Comment if you know of any other Pilates certifications or Programs that you think we should add to this list? Or if you want to add anything more to each of the programs that you think serves as useful insight. 

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