Meet Amina Agerman - Yoga Teacher and Communication Strategist

Meet Amina Agerman, an inspiring influencer who works both as a Yoga Teacher and a Communications Strategist. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do an interview with her about her life in Stockholm and life in general. I hope you will enjoy this article and get some inspiration...

Hey Amina, I am so glad we could do this interview with you. Tell me, what specific thing do you love the most about Stockholm?

That it’s home and every street corner is filled with memories. I also love its equal proximity to nightlife and nature.

I agree, Stockholm has it all! What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?

To go all-in cozy or all-out party.

When do you feel the most creative?

I get all my best ideas in nature, on my yoga mat, or in conversations with friends.

Tell me about your favorite workout?

Apart from yoga, it’s probably dancing, barre or Pilates. But I love movement in general so it’s really hard to pick one, or in this case four.

I totally agree it’s hard to pick one, all of them are amazing in their own way. Where do you rather workout?

I’m an outdoorsy person and I like finding places in nature to do my workouts. I usually don’t plan what I’ll do. Instead, I go out and see what I find. If there are stairs I might do some intervals, if there’s a bench I might do some dips.

Sounds lovely! Do you rather workout by yourself, in a group, or together with a friend?

Usually, when working out with others I take on the role as the trainer, which is fun but also love to immerse myself in a solo session.

Which time of the day do you prefer to workout?

Mornings. It’s the time I’d prefer to do everything, which is a bit of an issue some days.

Now I am curious and would like to hear about your first Pilates experience?

I’ve done Pilates since my teens and sometimes I use pilates exercises in my yoga practice. But the first time I used real Pilates equipment was during a session with Pebbles and Jaime White. So much fun!

What is the ultimate sportswear according to you?

Sportswear that is eco-friendly, soft, and nicely fitted. I also love a pop of color to get me more motivated.

Enough of the workout questions. Tell me, what scares you the most, in life?

Not enjoying things enough. I constantly stop and remind myself how beautiful life is, even on bad days.

Love it. It’s so important to remember yourself! What is the one thing you could never live without?

A yoga mat. It’s my portable home.

What was your first job?

Private tutor. I love to teach and have taught a lot of different subjects, but now it’s all yoga.

Do you have any current obsession in life?

Autumn food that all happens to be orange and very in season.

When was the last time you laughed out loud, and just could not stop laughing?

I’m visiting my grandmother right now and we’ve shared lots of laughs. The age difference makes for a lot of fun scenarios and she makes me laugh all the time.

What if you had an unlimited amount of money, and knew that you would not fail, what would you do?

To quote anyone’s favorite pageant queen: ”I’d make sure we’d have world peace”.

Can you tell us about a hidden talent of yours!

I don’t like the idea of hiding our talents. Let yours shine!

A really good answer, I agree! Who is the most fashionable person you know?

A few years back I would have had a long list and now I can’t even come up with a single name. I’m generally inspired by people who upcycle, thrift, and use what they already have.

Your favorite vacation spot in the world, and why? 

I love to go where I have friends. The best way to experience a new place is by having someone local you know showing you around. Paris, Perth, and Agadir are all like home so I love going there. If I want a good time, my favorite spot is New York.

Do you have any favorite podcasts?

I love “The yoga inspired life” with Shayla Quinn. She shares beautifully on yoga and invites really interesting guests. 

Hope you enjoyed this feature with Amina. She is a truly amazing woman with an inspiring mindset towards life! Amina is also the photographer behind many of our lovely photos at Pebbles. 

Xx, Helena

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