Recharge in Åre, the Swedish Mountains

Every year when the winter is around the corner, I get a little extra excited, because winter season means skiing.

The dark autumn and winter period, with less amount of sunlight always gets much easier when you know you have a ski holiday to look forward to. In Sweden, we have some good ski resorts, one of them is Åre.

The sunny hours may not be as promising as the Alps, but the skiing is really good. Åre has the past years, become my recharge spot. Downhill skiing surrounded by a complete white landscape and beautiful nature. What can be more relaxing than picking up the speed, feeling the breeze against your cheeks and to know that your body and mind is one?

The fact that you can take a break at one of the many nice lunch places, makes it even better. Three of my favorite places for a well deserved lunch break is, a deer wrap in Stendalen, a waffle at Toppstugan and a gulasch soup or deer pizza at Hummelstugan.

When the downhill skiing closes for the day, there are still plenty of things to do in Åre. The city center of Åre, offers many great restaurants and spas. And, for the one wanting to sport some more there are great cross country tracks in Duved and Björnen.

For myself, I sometimes enjoy a peek at Vinbaren, and if I have some work to get down with, I enjoy sitting in the lounge area at Copperhill. But most of all, I enjoy spending the time over a nice traditional dinner, deer on täljsten, with family and friends at the cottage. And of course, I sneak in a Pilates workout as well. I really like this Pilates workout by Pilates instructor, Sheana Gollert, as it can be made simply on a Pilates mat.

I am almost a little sad the winter is coming to an end. Although, I can not wait to see what the spring has to offer, and I also look forward to announce that we are coming out with some new and really nice sportswear!

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