Interview with the Pilates Instructor Allison Zang

We got the chance to meet with the Pilates instructor, Allison Zang who inspires people to move better, feel better and be healthy through her Pilates studio, Absolute Pilates. Read her view on Pilates, the female body and of course fashion for Pilates peeps.

Allison Zang, is a wife, mother, travel lover, studio owner, gluten-free foodie and classical Pilates teacher in Mechanicsburg, PA. She is a lover of sparkle, great workout wear. She claims that she runs on coffee, wine, and vegetables and before she turns 40, she is chasing down 40 countries. She has a 6-year-old daughter who grew up in her Pilates studio.

Below Allison is talking about Pilates, the female body and health.

My life motto is, that it is not worth doing if it makes you comfortable. In other words take time to challenge yourself every day. I like this motto in all things exercise, business owning, vacation and cooking. 

Right now I’m curious about neuropathy and fascia. Can facia work to improve sensory or neuropathy issues? This is my personal passion project. I am in the longterm recovery phase from Guillian Barre Syndrom GBS which I had in 2015 and I am willing to try anything to get past the last few lingering side effects. They have diminished over time, but have not totally dissipated, and I want to find myself feeling as good as I did before I had the illness. 

I believe that a beautiful body, is a body that takes you to places you want to go. For instance, the recovery from childbirth followed by two years later the recovery from GBS. I am just thankful every day my body does what I ask it do. I say jump and it does, and that is beautiful. 

Pilates according me to, is an organized system of movements to challenge you when you need, and support you when you need that. 

The perfect Pilates outfit is something that stays in place. Nothing is more distracting than feeling your paints are falling down while teaching. I am also always cold in the studio, so it nice to have something I can layer up.

My favorite Pilates moves is anything that leaves me feeling good and then also feeling it, the next day. I have been working hard with strengthening and stability exercises. Basically, any push up and pull up exercises in the Cadillac are my favorites. 

I believe Pilates is such a good workout because it meets you where you are and delivers just what you need that day. It includes strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, stability and mindfulness. It has it all. Not to mention it is possibly the best way to cross-train. I am an avid runner and skier when time allows. Pilates keeps me strong stable and able to pick these things up without missing a beat.    

When practicing Pilates at my studios, one can expect convenience with four locations in Central PA. We offer classes for those that are 12 to 87 years old, right now. We are here to meet you where you are. We have a wonderful team of talented and dedicated teachers who are passionate about Pilates and will provide you with a wonderful and body-transforming experience. We have staff with numerous continuing education certifications to take everything to the next level for you!

Power to me is something that you find within yourself, and it is what keeps you moving forward.  

Be sure to visit my upcoming Pilates event during 2020. The first one is Vision Boarding Workshop, in January, Barre teacher training, in February 2020 and finally one day-long women’s wellness conference in March of 2020. 

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