Pilates Workout for Your Inner Thighs with Loriol Anderson

We met with the Pilates Instructor Loriol Anderson to get some inspiration for a Pilates workout that challenges your inner thighs.

Watch the video below for guidance. In this workout sequence, Loriol is using the Pilates reformer machine. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! If this is the first time you see Loriol Anderson, we can assure you that this is not the last time you will see her performing magic in our sportswear.

Watch Loriol’s exercises that really challenges your inner thighs. The series shown in this video aims to strengthen your inner thighs but also gluteus and core.

First exercise, is performed with a lighter spring. In this case a white spring. Start hip distance apart with your heels positioned under your sit bones. Place the hands by your hips and make sure to engage your core. Keep equal weight on both feet, as you press the carriage out, and back in again.

Second exercise, is performed in the same way as the first exercise, but now when you press the carriage out you role forward with the upper body, engaging the core and articulate through the spine, when rolling back up and bringing the carriage back in. When you come back in, bring the arms up towards the ceiling and come into extension in the upper back.

Third exercise, is performed the same way as the second exercise, but instead of rolling forward when pressing the carriage out, you now twist the spine reaching the left hand towards the right foot and the right hand up towards the ceiling. Next time you bring the carriage out again you twist to the other side. Make sure to engage the abs when twisting and coming back up into a straight back and bringing the carriage back in. Come into an extension in the upper back once the carriage is back in.

Fourth exercise, is performed with the same spring tension, one light spring. Before moving the carriage out, hinge forward with a flat back and as you come back, come up into a straight back. Then reverse that sequence.

Fifth exercise, is a side lounge with rotation. You want to press the carriage out and rotate towards the bend leg. Then bring the carriage back in and then repeat the exercise towards the other side.

Sixth exercise, is a side plank. This exercise is challenging your obliques and shoulder as well as core and gluteus. You want to place a short box on the reformer and come into a side plank. Then bend and extend the legs as you press the carriage out. For variations of this side plank exercise, make sure to watch the video.

Seventh exercise, is again challenging your inner thighs and articulation of the spine. Come onto your knees and bring the arms up towards the ceiling, as you press the carriage out then bow forward, bringing the arms forward. As your bring the carriage back in, bring the arms up towards the ceiling and open up the chest towards the ceiling. For more variations of this exercise, make sure to watch the video.

For a better understanding of the positions and muscle engagement, watch the video with Loriol Anderson. Always consult with a doctor and trainer for a safe workout.

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