Interview with the Pilates Instructor Danyal Timmermann

We had the chance to meet with Danyal Timmermann. She is a wife, mother, multi-business owner, and absolute lover of dance music!

You may know her from Boom Pilates, which is the name of the her Pilates studio. Below Danyal is sharing her view on Pilates and much more. 

My life motto is to know your personal brand and show up consistently every day with your fullest heart and some authentic charismatic energy. Also know that you will never be “for” everybody.  When your brand tries to speak to everyone, it speaks to no one. 

Right now, I am curious about discovering the benefits of acupuncture for stress, mindfulness and balance. On a personal level this has been monumental in this season of life with the busy opening of my new growing studio. I am curious to see how the effects work long-term within my body and how this practice can align hand-in-hand with my dedicated pilates practice.  

To me a beautiful body comes from confidence. The most beautiful bodies have nothing to do with a shape or a size. This industry can often be a REAL bummer for creating distorted views of what is truly considered “healthy” or beautiful. To me, a beautiful body comes from how you own your own unique personality in your own skin. 

Pilates to me is more than a form of exercises that emphasis the balanced development of the body through strength, flexibility and awareness to controlled movement. Pilates is ALL of that…but it also provides us with a gorgeous lifestyle that can produce contagious benefits for the mind, body and heart almost immediately. This mindful sport is all about connecting to our defined abilities, increasing strength daily, and allowing these thoughtfully controlled motions to help us safely protect our bodies for all moving hours of the day. 

I know this quote is overused, but I am saying it anyway…..Pilates is Life. 

To me the perfect Pilates outfit is black colored fitness gear. It has forever a place in my closet. I love to mix colors and prints with my key pieces of black fitness gear.

I am all about unique fabrics too! The materials I wear must be soft to the touch and have a thoughtful form-fit that hugs in all the key areas, ensuring we feel that our bodies are compact and safe … while transitioning around on all pieces of equipment in the studio. 

danyal timmermann

Pilates is such a good workout because it’s SO effective, it’s ridiculously FUN, and it gives some grace to your overworked joints.

I am a fan of all the reformer plank-series moves; down stretch, long-stretch, up-stretch, and knee stretches. I love to see how everyone moves with the foundation of a chosen move first, and then layer in the more complex or choreography-focused moves toward the end the block.

I teach each block of every session with the same goal in mind…. layering in 5 modifications or versions with each move. I call this our “5-layer dip”. My goal is to allow for more intense progressions to happen and to avoid all risk of injury. 

My studio is called Boom Pilates. It is a studio with good music beats that meets GREAT Pilates. My studio is full of energy, charisma, sound, vibe, culture, community, and cheer. Our fans and loyal clients continue to inspire me daily with their love for this movement method and their progression with form and technique.

Growing up classically trained in dance and purely obsessed with dance beats, my two passions have completely merged and influenced the Boom Pilates vibe. I believe in the power of sound as a therapeutic internal development tool, which is why every Boom Pilates class is set to an 8-count dance beat that keeps you moving and grooving—even when you feel like the reps are burning! 

My mission is to bring the most energizing, results-driven, FUN and safe pilates practice to our clients in each and every session.

Three reasons you should do Pilates is first of all because you get one shot, one life in this one body. It is critical to take care of this one body. So why not add a proven results-driven movement method to your routine? 

Secondly, you want to have fun, not get bored, and uncover the endless benefits of adding a workout option that is truly safe at any age. 

And thirdly, we all want to feel better with how we move in our own skin- while not adding unneeded strain and stress on our body. 

This article was updated: 2020-08-10

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