Post Pregnancy Workout Video

Here are some easy and muscle strengthening exercises that are good to start off with post pregnancy.

I have teamed up with an expert that has looked at my pelvic floor and muscle engagement after having given birth. In this video we have set up some exercises that may serve as inspiration after having given birth. Just make sure to know all pregnancies and recoveries are unique. Consulting with your doctor is a must. 

I am sitting here with my baby next to me, after having breast fed, thinking it would be in place with a video of exercises post pregnancy. But how do you find time to workout? I admit it has been hard. But aiming for doing a few exercises when you get the chance, two to three times a week, will allow you to get some necessary time for yourself.

In this video I am working the gluteus, deep pelvic floor, arms and shoulders. Feel free to do as many repetitions that you feel you can today. Maybe start off with 12 per exercise and next time, do the double of that.

It felt nice to get back into soft and cool sportswear. In fact I understand now how we really need to pay attention to the transformations a female body goes through in life, in order to offer sportswear that last season over season.


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