5 Min Pilates on the Long Box with Zoe Wadey

We teamed up with the Pilates Instructor Zoe Wadey for a five minutes Pilates workout on the long box.

In this five minutes workout video she will guide you through various bilateral Pilates exercises that will challenge both balance, control and muscle engagement.

Watch the video with the Pilates instructor Zoe Wadey in order to get a really nice flow of exercises on the reformer using the long box.

Pilates instructor Zoe Wadey

The first exercise, starts with placing the long strap under the right thigh and sitting back, while maintaining a neutral spine. Support yourself on your elbows. Lower and lift the right leg. Make sure to engage your abs. Keep the left leg down. Work on a blue spring, also known as half a spring. Repeat on the other side.

The second exercise, is the same movement as the previous, but now you tilt your hip bones towards your lower ribs and lift the left leg up as well. Then, extend one leg at a time. Work on a blue spring. Repeat on the other side.

The third exercise, is an oblique workout so make sure to not drag with your arms too much. Sit on the box and hold on to one strap with both arms. Make sure you sit high up on your sit bones, and then rotate the upper body to the opposite side, away from the strap. As you see in the video you can alternate how you place your legs for better muscle engagement. Repeat on the other side.

The fourth exercise, is an exercise for your hip extensors. You want to lie down on the box, on your side, placing the strap under the foot and keep the hand on the shoulder rest. Support yourself by engaging the abs and shoulders. Bend the top leg forward, and then extend the same leg back. Repeat on the other side.

The fifth exercise, is similar to the previous exercise, but instead of bending the leg, keep a straight leg. Repeat on the other side.

The sixth exercise, will work your hip rotators and extensors. Do the same as the previous exercise, but bend the leg forward and tap the heel towards the floor in front of you, and then extend the leg back.

Watch the video in order to get all the transitions and variations of the exercise. Good luck and enjoy this lovely reformer workout on the long box.

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