My Pregnant Pilates Morning Workout Routine

This Pilates Morning Workout Routine is an Inspiration to All Pregnant Women out There.

Being pregnant and running my own company has been a roller coaster. Since I am doing sportswear, and I know the importance of keeping active, one thing I try to keep up with, is my Pilates Morning Workout Routine. It gives me a boost. It is not as tuff as it used to be, just enough to wake up a pregnant body.

Here are my favorite moves that I do in order to wake up the body in the morning while pregnant. You will need a flex band and a Pilates ball. I did not use to be a fan of the Pilates ball before being pregnant. But, it is truly one of my favorite equipment along with the flex band during pregnancy.

When it comes to Pilates machines that I like to workout in, during pregnancy, I am very found of the Pilates chair and the Pilates Cadillac.

Follow the instructions below for inspiration to a nice morning workout. Remember that every pregnancy and body differs, so make sure to always consult with your doctor and physiotherapist before.

Exercise 1:
Stand on your knees and hands. Make sure to open up a bit in your hips, so that your knees are pointing out to the side rather than straight forward. Then, sit back towards your heels as far as you feel is comfortable. Then round the spine up towards the ceiling as you shift the weight forward towards your hands and start to uncurl your spine. Then, sit back towards your heels again and repeat.

pregnancy pilates

Exercise 2:
Sit on a Pilates ball with your feet grounded into the floor. Lengthen up throughout your spine. Hold a flex band about shoulder width apart and open up the arms towards your side. You want to feel your shoulder blades gliding towards your spine, as you open up the arms to the side. Try to hold your abs so that you don’t let your ribs pop up too much. You want to work your arms and muscles around your shoulder blades in the same time as your core.

Exercise 3:
Sit on the Pilates ball and keep the flex band under your feet, then cross the flex band and hold it in your hands. Bring the arms forward and then row with the elbows back so that the elbows comes slightly below your back.

Exercise 4:
Sit on the Pilates ball and bring the flex band under your feet and hold the flex band in your hands. Make sure to sit high up on your sit bones and feel the connection in your pelvic floor. Then simply, bend and extend the arms. Keep the elbows at the same position by your side the entire time.

Exercise 5:
Lie on your back with your calves on the ball, and lift the bum off the floor, and the hips up towards the ceiling. You are working the gluteus.

It is nice to finalize the exercises with a side bend called, the murmaid, seen on the top picture. Also, remember that nice and comfy sportswear always makes the Pilates routine much more fun.

Enjoy and good luck!

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