Top 3 Hot Pilates Studios in New York

Hot Pilates is hotter than ever before.
Just like Bikram Yoga, Hot Pilates is practiced in a room heated to around 85-95° F. Hot Pilates increases flexibility and do wonders to your body control and posture. It is a full body workout using the principles from Pilates. Hot Pilates is the latest fitness craze in USA among celebrities, socialites and influencers.
Unlike Pilates done at a traditional Pilates studio or gym, Hot Pilates requires a proper heating system and ventilation. Hot Pilates is done on a mat and not on the Pilates machines. 
Here are top listed Hot Pilates studios that you want to visit in New York:
YO BK has two locations in New York, one in Greenpoint and one in Williamsburg. The both studios give you a personal feel with small classes and teachers who pay attention to each person in the room for the best workout experience. The Williamsburg studio is located in a charming loft building from the 1920th. At this studio you can do both Hot Pilates and Yoga. Most of their classes runs for 60 minutes.
Balance. Yoga. Barre is a studio located not too far away from Madison Square Garden in New York.  Here you can train Hot Pilates. Most of their Hot Pilates classes run early morning and lunch hour. The studio recommend that you do not eat a heavy meal two hours prior of your workout and that you make sure to drink a lot of water before your workout. Most of their classes runs for 60 minutes.
Equinox East 92nd street
Equinox is a must visit studio with its beautiful interior and high quality classes. Equinox is a chain, hence are located on several places. Each location with its unique interior to fit its area. If you are looking for Hot Pilates, Equinox on East 92nd street, is the location you want to visit. You will not need to bring anything else than your own workout clothes, as you will be given a towel, and this location have toiletries available. Most of their classes runs for 60 minutes.

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