How My Scoliosis Lead Me Into Pilates

I am always serious with my Pilates routine. Whenever life hits me nowadays, it hits my back first. Here is my crocket story.

Whenever my back starts to hurt, it usually means something is heading my way. It is during those times I thank myself for sticking to my Pilates routine. Pilates has changed my life.

After having spent many years abroad, and settling down back in Sweden again, I was richer in mind and body. At least so I thought. As I know now, you are on a constant journey of learning and evolving to become the best version of yourself. As for my body, I had during my stay in China and USA come across Pilates. Which was founded in the 40th but really started to get popular when famous people like Madonna claimed they had added it to their workout routine.

Pilates became the best workout possible for me. It also became my ever long lasting project and workout that I could actually stick to. When I was younger I went through probably all the exercises one can do. Though, I have to admit I did stick to jazz dance for quite some time. Handball lasted for some time as well. Tennis, I only did because of the outfit and occasionally took lessons in when at University, hangover on Sundays. Horse back riding I only loved, once up on the horse back, yet not so much the necessary things around it. Ball games, I was moderate in, and running got me a stress fracture. I blame my scoliosis for not being able to stick to any of the sports as I would become fatigue in my lower back.

If you do not know what scoliosis is. I will give you some heads up. It is a sideways curvature of the spine and the causes of most scoliosis is still unknown according to the Mayo Clinic and many more well known medical and research centers. Most of the scoliosis are mild but some are disabling and needs surgery. Scoliosis may affect the breathing, as the spinal curve can reduce the amount of space within the chest. Many of the people with scoliosis are likely to have chronic back pain and some scoliosis are worsening over the time, which can cause noticeable change such as unleveled shoulders, prominent ribs, uneven hips and shift of the waist.

It is not uncommon that people with scoliosis become self-conscious about their appearance. But then again, who in this world does not?

My 15 years old me would stand in front of the mirror trying to find a posture that would even out the back, making the scoliosis less apparent. Hiding it with a bath towel when walking into the pool a hot summer day. My older me, find it rather interesting what the body is capable of and how we can tune in and find the best way possible to live with what we thought was a limitation. Your body and mind is a work of art. Find a workout that you feel good about that becomes part of your lifestyle. Do it because it makes you feel good and help you become better in other things you do.

I believe the entire world should do Pilates. Pilates is such a good workout in order to learn body control and will benefit you in your Yoga practice, running, tennis, horseback riding and the list can go on. I may have taken it to the extrem, certifying myself, teaching others to do Pilates and launching my own sportswear for Pilates peeps. Yet, if I could do one thing to help women and men to feel good about their body. This would be it. We all have a crocket path and being able to tune in with the body in the way Pilates does, is something I wish for everyone.

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