Sportswear that Celebrates Scoliosis and Back Problems

I have scoliosis, and ever since I was diagnosed with scoliosis, I have been fascinated by the healing process of back problems through movement. Especially movement through pilates. 

When I was in my late teenage years I grew a lot, and it was during this time when my scoliosis was discovered by my house doctor. He ordered me to go see a physiotherapist. Which I did but it was not really until I discovered pilates, that I found something that really helped keep the back pain under control. 

An estimate of two to three percent of the population suffer from scoliosis, which is a type of back pain. We are currently 8 billion people in the world, which means that 240 000 000 people suffer from scoliosis, according to National Scoliosis Foundation, June 2007.

In fact, the Lancet, announced about a year ago that there is a global call for action regarding back pain. You can read the full publication here: The Lancet, published an article called ”Low back pain: a major global challenge”. Recently Swedish media announced that the second largest reason for long term sick leave in the country, is due to back problems according to AFA.

My vision as the founder of the high end sportswear brand Pebbles Pilates is to inspire more women to practice pilates, not only those with back problems. Although, our collections will always tribute the spine as a reminder of taking care of your back.

Our Pilates sportswear are known for its open back and silky soft fabric as a celebration to the spine. They are usually recognized for its blue and black contrast colors with mixed prints and material, designed with a thoughtful form-fit that hugs in all the key areas, ensuring we feel that our bodies are compact and safe, while transitioning around on all pieces of equipment in the studio. Just like our role models have requested, during the design process.

Our role models are Pilates instructors, mothers, lawyers, sisters, doctors, artists, daughters, investment bankers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs and designers.

Do not miss our article with the studio owner, Laura Hausler who specializes on pilates and scoliosis training. And yes, she happens to love our jumpsuits.

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