5 Min Gluteus Workout with Karolin Lundberg

Pebbles Pilates is proud to introduce to you the Pilates instructor Karolin Lundberg. We have made a video blog where she shows how to strengthen your gluteus. Watch the video for guidance. It is a fun workout that you can easily do at home as part of your morning workout routine.

Karolin Lundberg is a pilates instructor working in Stockholm. You can take classes or privates with her at Stockholm Pilates Center in Vasastan and Rodjuret studio in Bromma, Stockholm Sweden.

We asked Karolin why she loves Pilates and this is what she says about the workout: 

As a Pilates teacher I find it extremely rewarding to help clients gain body awareness by means of pilates. Understanding one’s own body and knowing how to move it in a mindful way make an important difference when it comes to avoiding unnecessary tension and achieving a healthier lifestyle overall. Experiencing that change in a client and helping them find a way to work with their body and not against it, as they may have done before, is part of why I love teaching Pilates.

On a personal level, doing Pilates has enabled me to safely push the boundaries of moving freely without pain further than I ever thought possible. As a teenager l suffered from severe scoliosis and had a fusion done, which decreased the exaggerated curve of my spine dramatically. After that my back always seemed to be my greatest weakness health wise. However, after having practiced pilates regularly for years I don’t feel like that anymore. I’d like to think that Pilates has empowered me in that way.

Karolin Lundberg, on her view on Pilates

Here are Karolin’s exercises for gluteus strength. The series of exercises shown in the video mainly focuses on stronger gluteus but also challenges core stability. Try them!

First exercise, lie on your back with the feet hip distance apart. Lift your pelvis off the floor (press the hips up towards the ceiling) and lower the bum back down. Repeat.

Second exercise, same as the first exercise, but this time when the hips are up, lift one leg off the floor without sinking the other hip down towards the floor. Change leg and repeat.

Third exercise, same as the second exercise, but this time as you bring the hips up, bend one leg up through table top and extend up towards the ceiling and then lengthen away and down to the other knee, and bend back. Change leg and repeat.

Fourth exercise, bring the hips up and extend one leg long in height with the other legs knee. Lower the bum down but keep the one leg long so that the heel touches the floor as the same time as the bum. Change leg and repeat.

Fifth exercise, same as the fourth exercise but this time stay with the leg up and extend it out to the side and back into center again. Change leg and repeat.

Sixth exercise, come onto your side and bend the legs. Bring the heels in line with your sit bones. Lift the feet off the floor. Extend the arm forward and rest the head on the other arm. Lift the upper leg’s knee up towards the ceiling and the same arm up towards the ceiling. Lower the knee and lower the arm forward. Repeat and then change side.

Seventh exercise, same as exercise six, but this time when you open up the knee towards the ceiling and reach the arm up towards the ceiling, extend the leg in a diagonal and bend the arm towards your head. Repeat and change side.

Eight exercise, same as exercise six but extend the leg long in a diagonal and circle the legs, small circles to the front and small circles to the back. Repeat and change side.

Ninth exercise, come onto your stomach, rest the head on your hands and bend your legs. Bring the heels together and toes apart. Press the heels together and lift the knees off the floor. Repeat.

Tenth exercise, this is a real teaser one. We advice to watch the video for the last one. For the best result and understanding of how to hold the positions and engage the core, watch the video for all the above exercises that will really challenge your gluteus.

For a better understanding of the positions and muscle engagement, watch the video with Karolin Lundberg.

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