In Conversation with with Pilates Instructor Nicole Martin

We met with the Pilates instructor Nicole Martin to talk about Pilates, sportswear and about her view on what a beautiful body is.

Nicole is a mother to one high-spirited six years old girl, a wife to a wonderful artist and architect. Physical movement is her life. And one thing that we really admire about her, is her ability to celebrate everything. Below Nicole is sharing her view on Pilates, her life motto, what a beautiful body is, and her favorite gems in San Diego. 

The best with living in San Diego is that it is a minimalist's dream. The microclimate weather really allows you to live simply. You go from a light jacket in winter to no jacket in summer, you can eat straight out of your garden all year, and you can get to the ocean in about 20 minutes from any direction.

My favorite Pilates studio here is
Pilates Andrea. It is a home studio in Solana Beach. Her understanding of The Method is amazing. She's a wonderful person.

My life motto is, that everything you want, is possible, and also, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Nicole Martin Pebbles Pilates Sportswear

Right now, I am extra curious about, “allowing”. I just recently turned 40 and I feel like a great deal of my 20’s and 30’s were spent controlling things and MAKING things happen. What if things don’t have to be that demanding or difficult? What if you just enjoy the ride a bit? Allow what you want to unfold, in a less forced way. I think, “allowing” for the universe to work with me, instead of the idea that I have to prove myself, is so much more interesting and fun….. and why not try it on with your body as well? Why not allow your workouts to be a chance to feel something new and allow yourself to move and enjoy. 

A beautiful body is, a body with suppleness, length, and a happy face. It’s so obvious when someone feels good in their body and that is beautiful.

Pilates to me is, streamlined magic. One workout method is all you need for life. It uncovers your best body and it always meets you where you are and challenges you in unexpected ways. I’ve been doing Pilates for 14 years, and I find it more challenging and even more enjoyable than when I started. I also like my body better at 40 than I did at 26 (minus the collagen, I miss that terribly).

Best thing about Pilates is that all you need is the wall and the floor. Can you tell I'm a minimalist? And what you learn is yours to practice on your own. The system was created so that every individual could be in charge of their own fitness. And it's deep work, I don't like trends or surface level anything. 

My dream client is someone who really enjoys learning for the sake of learning. Someone who feels their body and someone who loves to MOVE. 

My go to Pilates moves are the wall work right away, it gives so much information with little talking. 

My dream studio is my home space. Or at least it is pretty close to my dream studio. If I could only make it bigger. I would love to have 3 or 4 of all the apparatus. And it must have an outdoor space. I'm a firm believer in people being able to stay and hang out.

At my home Pilates studio, in East San Diego I offer private sessions. I also offer zoom sessions. Our home is a 50’s ranch so everything is mid century. My husband is the designer in the house, so I leave the details up to him, but I’ve been told it’s very cool. My space has tons of light and I usually have the door open for that California breeze. You can expect to learn about your body and leave with something new every time. Come try when you get the chance!

Nicole Martin Pilates Instructor

My secret to keep up with my own Pilates routine when I don't have clients, is full mat work -at least 4 days a week.

The perfect Pilates outfit is, all about the fabric staying put, but not feeling like plastic. I would say a good pair of high waisted leggings and a cotton crop top. The fabric should feel soft and lux but do its job too. I love black everything. And, I want to feel like I can just throw on a flannel or denim shirt, feel put together,  and go pick up my daughter. 

My favorite Pilates move is, stomach massage and the short box series. These two series helps me open up my whole back and feel tall.

In my opinion, Pilates is such a good workout, because you work everything and your results are exactly what you want. In fact, you had no idea what you wanted until you started Pilates, and then the possibilities unfold. Pilates done correctly produces an evenly toned body that is low maintenance. Those little muscles need to be worked even more than those larger ones; and no other workout does that. I’ve never been so strong in my life! 

Three reasons why you should do Pilates are, first of all in order to discover a quieter mind, secondly to uncover your best body, and thirdly to elevate your spirit.

My dream studio to visit once we can travel again is my friend's Jayne O'brien studio in London and my friend Miguel Silva in Portugal. And also Wade Edwell just outside of Melbourne who is building a huge studio in his home. 

I love home studios - I'm finding it to be such an elevated experience.

Nicole Martin Pilates Instructor Interview for Pebbles Pilates Sportswear

The first thing I do after a Pilates session is that I usually sit and drink a big glass of water and just enjoy how I feel.

I usually prepare for Pilates session just by taking a minute to feel my body and see what needs the most attention during my session. It's usually my low back and feet. Then I use the hundred to really breathe into whatever body part needs it. I like imagining the breath is inflating and has a color to it. That sounds pretty woo-woo. But really, if you give your breath a direction, and let it swirl and have a color you'll notice all the tension melts away. Try it.

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