Interview with Pilates Instructor Erin Kennedy

Erin is the founder of The Body Center, a Pilates studio in Boston, USA. Like many, she found Pilates after an injury and was instantly in love with the discipline and the changes she saw in her body.

Today she shares these benefits with others, and has been doing so now for over 20 years. 

We had the opportunity to do an interview with Erin about Pilates, health and much more. Below Erin share her view on Pilates, health, fashion and more.

My life motto is that, "Yes, you can"! I believe you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself and work to achieve your goals.

Right now I am extra curious about the body. I find it's ability to move and adapt despite everything we put it through fascinating, so I am constantly learning how to help maintain it's health and well being through movement, nutrition, and recovery. Right now, I’m particularly interested Heart Rate Variability and how to use it to train effectively.

A beautiful body is healthy and active. When a body is healthy it shows outwardly in vibrancy and that is beautiful.

My favorite Pilates move is back extensions. It is a very natural position for me, so Swan is at the top of the list followed by Short Spine on the reformer and the strength and balance challenging Forward Step Ups on the Stability Chair.

Pilates is a life force. I view it as a way to keep your foundation strong so your house doesn’t crumble as time passes. Many of my clients have achieved things they didn’t think were possible because of our training. Today Pilates is seen as just another form of exercise but it truly is so much more than that.

Pilates is such a good workout due to its versatility. Pilates can be a gentle, flowing workout that refreshes or a heart rate raising fast paced workout that feel more athletic.

Power to me is freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to move. Freedom to love. When we are free we can do anything.

When coming to my studio one can expect a welcoming, no stress environment where you’ll see your neighbors and make new friends. Oh, and you’ll get an invigorating, energetic reformer class while you’re here.

The perfect Pilates sportswear is a comfortable second skin. An outfit that moves with you while rolling and twisting and extending without shifting or binding or pinching.

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