Interview with Pilates Instructor Dionne Blauw Fairnie

We had a chat with the beautiful Dionne Blauw Fairnie, the founder of Blue Pilates. We wanted to hear her view on Pilates, health and much more. 

Dionne grew up in the Dutch countryside having a very free, safe and comfortable upbringing. She values her roots enormously. Deep down she always knew there was something bigger out there for her. Today she is living and breathing her passion every day, and at the same time helping other people getting stronger, fitter and more flexible, which she finds very fulfilling.

Read the the full interview with Dionne below where she talks about Pilates and much more. 

My life motto is to take little steps and trust the bigger plan. Getting out of my comfort zone does not come natural to me but whenever I do, it has brought so many amazing adventures which I wouldn’t change for the world.

Right now I am extra curious and in complete awe of our bodies - it is so immensely complex with its capacity of adapt, heal and sustain itself. I teach Pilates daily and (try to) do a HIIT class twice a week - I feel that it’s hard sometimes to sit still, let go and release. But for that reason I have discovered yin (slow movement classes, holding poses for up to five minutes) to really slow down and let the body release and reset. It’s harder than it looks, but makes a real difference when feeling anxious, feeling stiff or to wind down before bed.

Dionne for Blue Pilates and Pebbles Pilates
To me a beautiful body is someone who is present. I believe we should celebrate ourself and our body more, for its amazing wisdom, possibility and resilience.

Being on social media can easily get you dragged down a rabbit hole, or spin us into a negative narrative. Staying connected on a human level, and realizing that everyone is unique, beautiful and capable of great things, is amazing. Celebrate where you are now, rather than spending energy on where you should be.

Pilates to me is a practice that has grown on me, over the years, and is still growing. I can say it is a huge part of me, and a great passion of mine. I love being an instructor and yet I will forever be a student.

Pilates has so much to offer I don’t think it will ever go out of fashion, as it is for anyone of any level, and all about moving our bodies.

The perfect Pilates gear is something that is comfortable to wear, and move in, and has good breathable fabric. As my students will know - I will always wear black (or white).

Dionne Blue Pilates in a Side Bend
My favorite Pilates exercises are from the original Pilates repertoire as a foundation, and from there, create new flows, using modifications, and moving faster, but mostly encouraging to move slower. I love lateral movements like the side bend, side body stretch - a plane of movement that often gets forgotten.

In my opinion Pilates is such a great practice because it is a mixture of strength and flexibility training, that connects our mind, bodies and breath to the present moment - which in this day and age, is of such importance, and a real treat. Having a moment to yourself to be kind, move, and learn more about your body can help with stress relief, alleviating tension, and to build confidence.

Power to me is about staying close to the source of life, and being there for others. My faith is power to me. I see power both as strong, forceful, energetic, and of great influence, and yet being personal, focused, vulnerable and calm. 

When practicing Pilates in my studio, Blue Pilates, you will experience a mixture of the foundational, classical exercises, together with a creative spin on movements. I often work with small equipment that will help connect both mind, body and breath. I let you take time for yourself to challenge your body, and yet giving it time to rest, release, and recharge. Come and have a try!

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