How to do the Roll Up Pilates Exercise?

Here are three simple safe cues in how to do the Roll Up Pilates exercise.
The Roll Up mainly targets the following muscles: transverse abdominis, deep pelvic floor, rectus abdominals, obliques, hip flexors, hip extensors and scapula stabilizers.
Watch the video of how to do the Roll Up exercise.

Lie on your back with the pelvis and spine in neutral. On an inhale stabilize your shoulder blades and let the arms come up towards the ceiling.

On an exhale lengthen the back of your neck, stabilize your shoulder blades and then begin from the top of the head to roll off the mat follow with your shoulders and your spine off the mat (one vertebra at the time). Shorten the distance between the lower bones of the rib cage towards the hip bones and keep a flexed spine. Reach the arms parallel to the floor, towards feet and the top of the head towards fingers.

On an inhale roll forward, keep your spine flexed and begin to roll away from the legs. On an exhale, still with a flexed spine, roll back down on to mat (one vertebra at a time). Think pelvis away from the legs when rolling down and once the lower back hits the mat, come to the neutral spine. Let the arms come over the head and stabilize shoulder blades.

Repetitions: 8 repetitions

Caution: This is a real challenge for your abs. It is really important to stabilize the scapula and rolling through imprint. Articulate your spine, roll up and roll down one vertebra at a time. Don’t collapse over the legs on the roll up.

Fun fact: This exercise is amazing for working your mobility in your spine and pelvis and a killer for your abs.

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