How to do the Roll Over Pilates Exercise?

Here are five simple safe cues in how to do the Roll Over Pilates Exercise.

The Roll Over mainly targets the following muscles: abdominals, deep pelvic floor, obliques, hip flexors and scapula stabilizers. Be careful with this exercise if you have back pain.
Watch the video for guidance. 

Lie on your back in imprint (tilt pelvis slightly towards by engaging your abs). Legs on diagonal with the arms long by the side.

On an inhale squeeze your legs together and hinge legs towards you.

On an exhale reach legs overhead parallel to the mat and dip your toes over your head. 

On an inhale lift legs parallel to the mat and abduct legs shoulder distance apart.

On an exhale articulate spine back to the mat while legs are abducted until you reach imprint. When in imprint adduct legs and lower legs as far as you can hold the imprint. 

Repetitions: eight to ten repetitions 

Make sure to not to rest on the neck. The scapula should be on the mat. 

(Please do all exercises with care, tune in with your body and always speak to a professional trainer and doctor.)

Fun fact: You use your abs to help spinal articulation, so that you don’t force your legs over your head.

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