We asked the Pilates instructors about Pilates

We asked prominent Pilates advocates around the world what Pilates is to them, and why they find it to be such a good workout.

This is what they answered. 


Pilates is a foundational part of who I am.
It is a full body workout that can be made to fit the individual and their needs but can change and evolve.

– Kathryn Ross Nash

Pilates is a method that continues to surprise me in how many possibilities the body has to heal itself. The effect Pilates has on the mental component of healing process. Breathing and connecting to the breath are an essential part in this.

Because the core is the centre of our body, working on the core connects the trunk to the limbs in an efficient way, which is the key to good posture and healthy locomotion.

– Anna Mora

To me Pilates is my passion, my sports, my go-to-place when I feel odd  and I love about it that it’s a lifelong journey. I’m fascinated how Pilates movements affect people in a very certain way and how it affects my lifestyle and makes me more conscious every day.

Pilates works the whole body in a way that no other gymnastics can do. While working your core precisely and developing every movement from the inside to the outside, you breathe deeply and have to be fully focused. Pilates workout is effective, mind blowing, it satisfies and relaxes stressed people as well as giving power to weekly or recovering people. Pilates is for everybody!

– Kristina Dietrich

My go-to-feel-good workout. There’s no other form of exercise, in my option that you come away from feeling, de-stressed, fully stretched, elongated, happy and also like you’ve had your ass kicked at the same time!

It’s such a smart way of working out. It can dramatically change your body, rid you of aches and pains, help prevent injuries, make you strong, lean and super fit AND it’s low impact so it won’t wreck your joints. 

– Korin Nolan

An unbelievable exercise method that helps bodies become more in balanced. Pilates can be tailored for any body, injured or very athletic. It is a full body workout always that uniformly develops and reinforces inherent movement patterns that help us decrease degeneration and increase our ability to move more efficiently. 

Because it allows you to work your entire body in a balanced way and challenges all planes of movement and helps develop strength, flexibility and coordination for other physical activities.

– Jaime White

A prefect training form for everybody. Because everybody can get a great results  by training Pilates , both ordinary people and athletes.

– Jana Rajala

My life, work and passion. It’s the perfect balance of strength and flexibilty with challenging moves that takes your mind off everything else. 

– Amelie Parchami

Pilates is what I love to do and feel. It’s what I want everyone to feel. Pilates is a time for you to focus on you. Pilates is movement that allows you to focus on your breath and your mind and body connection. 

I think Pilates is the best workout because it challenge you to learn, commit and develop a deeper understanding of your body and mind.

Pilates allows you to develop strength, flexibility and sculpt the body through intelligent movement. The ability to learn to move mindfully encourages a stronger mind and body connection. Pilates is time for you.

– Alyna Rost

Pilates is my passion. It’s like a drug. I’m addicted to movement and the characteristic of the mental challenge of Pilates. It’s the mind itself that shapes the body, Joseph Pilates said. This is what keeps me going in my personal practice, as in my teaching. Pilates works likes a science that is a never ending field of exploring. When students progress, Pilates is like the language we’ve chosen to explore, body awareness-simply is a way to feel good, stay strong and flexible.

Pilates is such a good workout because it is good for everything, the body, mind and soul. Pilates lengthens and strengthens the body.  As it needs concentration, will and desire to do, Pilates is mentally challenging for the mind. Pilates is a good workout as it makes one happy to move one hour with flow and control.

– Ulrike Zacherl

Pilates is exercise. An exercise of muscles but also in being present.

– Anula Maiberg


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