The Pilates Snake with Belinda Gower

The workout of this month is in collaboration with Belinda Gower. This time you will learn how to do the Pilates Snake. Instead of doing it on the reformer, it will be done with suspension straps. Belinda Gower runs her own studio. 
The Pilates Snake with suspension straps will challenge your entire body.

Belinda has been practicing Pilates for over twenty five years. She was first drawn to Pilates because it made her feel elongated, relaxed, graceful and pain free. She claims it is better than runner’s high. She is known for having a good taste in music when it comes to her classes.

However, in this video there will be no music, just a clear explanation of how to move your body throughout the exercise known as the Snake, in Pilates.

The Snake challenge your entire body and work on your flexibility and strength.

Watch the video above for clear guidance. But, be careful and always consult with your doctor and physical therapist regarding your workout.  Also, hope you liked last month’s morning Pilates workout, The seven minutes Pilates morning workout.

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