Shoulder Stability Workout with Sheana Gollert

Pebbles is proud to introduce to you the Pilates instructor Sheana Gollert. We have made a video blog where she shows how to strengthen your shoulders and can work on your shoulder stability. Watch the video for guidance. It is a fun workout that you can easily do at home.

Sheana Gollert is a fully certified Stott Pilates Instructor, Pre-post natal Pilates certified through the Center for Women’s Health, Arizona State alumni, Metabolic Specialist, and has a background in Athletic training and nutrition. She is also a mother of two young girls and she is from Chicago, USA but have lived in Sweden since 2015.  

As of now, she is taking on clients and has weekly reformer and mat classes at Stockholm Pilates Center in Stockholm, Sweden. You can learn more about the Pilates center here.

We asked Sheana why she loves Pilates and this is what she says about the workout: 

Pilates is amazing. It is a combination of strength training, flexibility, endurance and mobility. I have never felt or looked better than I do now, and It is because of my dedication and passion for the only training one needs. Pilates. After graduating University with a degree in Kinesiology I spent years working with athletes and individuals who wanted to transform their bodies in physical therapy, personal training, nutrition and coaching. When I found Pilates in 2011, I finally was able to put together all the pieces of my work and education to help people feel better and become stronger without injury, and stress on their body. It’s magical, healing and beautiful and I’ll never look back. 

Here are Sheana’s exercises for shoulder stability and strength:

First shoulder exercise, hold the weighted balls in your hands and bring the elbows to your waist. Draw your shoulders back and then lengthen the arms forward and bend back towards your waist again. Remember to engage your core. Repeat the exercise. 

Second shoulder exercise, repeat the exercise above but as you reach the arms forward continue to lengthen the arms out to the side with the palms facing up, and then bring the arms forward and then bend the arms back to the waist. Remember ot engage your core and connect the inner thigh. Make sure to stabilize the shoulder blades. Repeat the exercise. 

Third shoulder exercise, hold on the the weight balls and point the thumbs up, keep your arms long and lengthen up in a diagonal and back down to the hip. Repeat. 

Fourth shoulder exerciselengthen the arm forward with the palms facing up. Open up the arms to the side and lengthen forward. 

Fifth shoulder exercise, reach the right arm up and lengthen up and over the the left side, while keep reaching the right arm over your head, into your side bend. Repeat on the other side. 

Sixth shoulder exercise, repeat exercise five and hold your side bend. Then bend and lengthen the arm. Repeat on the other side. 

Seventh shoulder exercise, come down onto your knees and elbows. Keep the a long plank on your knees and hold a nice plank by engaging the core and control the shoulder stability.

Eight shoulder exercise, come into a downward dog position, bend the knees slightly and keep the knees bend while you bend end extend the arms without dropping the shoulders. 

Ninth shoulder exercise, come into a downward dog position with straight legs and onto your elbows. Shift the weight forward and back the center. Repeat. 

For a better understanding of the positions and muscle engagement, watch the video with Sheana Gollert.  

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