Interview with Pilates Instructor Nancy Castiglioni

Pilates instructor Nancy Castiglioni shares her view on Pilates, the female body and of course the perfect Pilates outfit.

Nancy is a Pilates instructor based out of Panama City, but originally she is from Argentina. She is a true globe trotter. Panama is her eighth country to live in! She believes in the pure joy of movement and she tries to bring that feeling to her classes and international workshops. Below you can read the full interview with Nancy.

Below Nancy Castiglioni is talking about Pilates, why it is such a good workout and her view on the female body, and much more:

My life motto is, that it is never too late. Go for it. 

Right now, I am extra curious about, learning. I believe we should always continue to learn.

A beautiful body to me, is a body that can move with joy and harmony, and allow you to do all the things you want to do in your life.

Pilates to me, is my passion. It is how I express myself through movement, and how I try to help others to feel good in their own bodies.

The perfect Pilates outfit is, one that makes you feel confident and comfortable throughout any movement.

My favorite Pilates move, is the Boomerang on the mat.

In my opinion, Pilates is such a good workout, because it is a full body workout suitable for anyone, yet challenging where you must also use your mind. Pilates is my passion, is how I express myself through movement, how I try to help others feel good in their own bodies.

When paying a visit to my Pilates studio, one can expect a great workout with a wonderful sense of well being. A sense of community and friendship and belonging.

Power to me is, the possibility to decide without pressure.

Make sure to connect with Nancy Castiglioni here on her Instagram. Here she shares more of her view on Pilates.

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