Interview with the Pilates Instructor Laia Nart

We met with the amazing Pilates instructor Laia Nart to hear her view on Pilates and much more. 

Laia Nart has been a Pilates instructor over ten years, and is currently based in Barcelona. She loves movements in all forms, and believes it's a pure reflection of the soul. Laia began with Pilates due to a shoulder injury and found Pilates to be the only training that helped with the pain.

Below Laia is sharing her view on Pilates and much more. Enjoy the read.

We live in very turbulent and changing times. I strongly believe that, in order to fully live in the present, you have to allow your soul to be open. 

Right now I am curious about dance. I have always been moving a lot. When I was a child I started with a synchronized swimming, then as a teenager I started to practice Capoeira Angola (still continue to master this style), then later on I was into circus and CrossFit. I should say that I always had a passion for dance, but now I would like to learn more about this art.
I adore the versatility in my training, it is so exiting to be able to share and teach a wide range of movements to my students by demonstrating that the body has no limits. I like to mix Pilates with other disciplines.

To me a beautiful body is a body that reflects confidence and security. There is nothing more beautiful and sexy than self-esteem. Our bodies are like poetry. The different shapes of our bones, the wrinkles of expression, the hands, the folds of our skin – it is all a pure poetry.

A perfect Pilates outfit is anything that is comfortable. Things that allow me to move freely in all directions. No zippers, buttons or metal hooks to keep me from moving or rolling on the ground.

My favorite Pilates moves are variations of bridging: I always have to make a “bridge” in my classes, in any of its infinite versions. We spend too many hours sitting, and we often forget our back-chain. The truth is that during classes my students move in all planes and in all possible ways.

In my opinion Pilates is such a good workout due to its versatility. It allows you to adapt, modify all the exercises as much as you want, suitable for any person and their needs.

One should practice Pilates because you can obtain flexible and stable joints and can improve your quality of life. It is the best complement to any other sport you practice and it prevents injuries. 

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