In Conversation with Pilates Instructor Rebecca Beckler

We met with Pilates Instructor Rebecca Beckler to speak about movement, the female body, life in general and her home in Arizona. 

Rebecca may be known for many of you as the creator of the Pilates Suspension Method. Below Rebecca is sharing her secrets about Pilates, movement, the best with living in Arizona, and much more. 

The best thing with living in Arizona is the friendly people and the weather. 

My favorite Pilates Studio in Arizona is my home training facility. I have everything I need reformer, chair, spring wall, suspension apparatus, and tons of props and I can workout in my pajamas if I want to.

Rebecca Beckler and The Suspension Method Pebbles Pilates

I can workout in my pajamas if I want. Otherwise, the best Pilates sportswear is Pebbles Pilates.

My secret to keep up with my Pilates routine is that I do a 20-30 minutes Pilates based Mat Warm up before I do weights at the gym. A great way to sneak in Pilates at least three days a week.

I have come up with a short 3-5 minute standing facial movement series that I do pre pilates workout.

The best thing with Pilates is how your body feels afterwards. 

My absolute favorite music to listen to while doing Pilates is Christian Contemporary.  

First thing I do after a Pilates Session is to take a moment to asses my body and take a mental note of the difference before the session and after. Just a quite sit for 30 seconds to a minute

I love doing my Pilates Suspension Method. I can squeeze in a 20 minute session easily at my house and it always makes my body feel strong and stretched! 

Make sure to visit or DM Rebecca Beckler on Instagram on @Pilates949.

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