Sustainable workout is still on

It is every person’s obligation to prioritize their well being and make sure to feel as good as possible in 2019. If it is something you should invest in 2019, it is your own well being. And to do so long term.

Be conscious of what your body needs? Is it yet another workout session or an extra hour of sleep? What can you do to fuel your body with positive thinking?

Sustainable workout is your friend in 2019. We would be stupid not to mention Pilates here. A workout that is more so a lifestyle than a short term hype. A workout that helps you increase posture and body awareness in the same time as it help ease back pain. Back pain is on the rise around the world. Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting an estimated 540 million people, according to the Lancet. Pilates can do wonder to both your mental focus and back pain. According to a Wells’s research the core-strengthening perks of Pilates may also ease pain and improve daily life for people suffering from chronic low-back pain.

Pilates is a workout that requires focus, control and a constant learning of tuning into to your body. Pilates requires your highest form of focus in order to be able to head onto the advanced Pilates repertoire. Not to mention its positive effects on joints, muscular strength, posture and flexibility. Research has also linked Pilates to better flexibilitytrunk stabilityinjury prevention and athletic performance. According to Times publication “Here are the Health benefit of Pilates” claims that some former and current NFL players, including Antonio Brown and Martellus Bennett, are fans. Apart from athletes many former dancers have fell in love in Pilates.

People who dance are easy to spot, even offstage. They’re very aware of their body’s position in space, and they move almost like cats. But most of us are more like puppy dogs, moving without much attention paid to our posture. Marie Louise Bird, a Pilates researcher and post-doctoral research fellow at the University of British Columbia

We could not stress it enough. Reclaim some “you time” and get in tune with your body. Stay flexible and positive this year! Luckily, if you wake up now thinking you missed the whole dance school thing, you can still get better body awareness. Just do Pilates.

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