Video From Behind The Scenes When Developing The New Drop

We wanted to share how we develop our pieces. We thought it could be interesting to know the work behind the athleisure that you are wearing. 

First of all, when developing a new piece, we commence with a brainstorm session with designer and Pilates peeps. We research what is thought after to be a functional design, something that has been bypassed, and not yet available on the market - when it comes to sportswear that you wear when practicing Pilates and similar training. The inspiration always comes from  insight from industry leaders, and from acknowledging how your body moves together with certain fabric, when on the mat or other Pilates equipments. But we also look for inspiration in nature, architecture and far most anatomy.

Freedom, timeless and movement are our core values along the entire process. In every step, we strive to meet our core values. If we are not happy, we do it all again - until we are happy. We are not stressing anything. As we strive for perfection and to offer long lasting athleisure. This became even more evident after my daughter was born. Long term commitments just can't be stressed.

We then make a design sketch of how we envision the pieces. During this process we also source fabric that we believe will fit, and that is good for you and for the environment. In the latest cellection we have used recycled material. Waste and unwanted raw materials were collected and converted into new fabrics. Good for you and good for the planet. 

Then we make the first sample. We like to do things local, so we work with a Scandinavian atelier who, based on the sketch and measurement list, makes the first sample. After that begins a process of fittings and adjustments. Seams are moved, adjusted and removed. Threads and fabrics are analyzed. The founder of Pebbles Pilates Sportswear, test drives the sample in action - and so are other prominent Pilates peeps and women around the world. They give feedback on the fit, function and feel. 

(Picture featuring: Pilates instructor Sheana Gollert and Physiotherapist Kristina Kjellson)

If we are not happy, we do it all again - until we are happy. We are not stressing anything here. As we strive for perfection. 

Then we consult with our factory in Portugal, who produces another sample, and we test drive and wash the sample to ensure it meets our vision and core values; freedom, timeless and movement. 

Again, if we are not happy, we do it all again - until we are happy. We are not stressing anything here. As we strive for perfection and a long lasting piece of clothing.

View the video below to see the work behind the scenes at our Scandinavian atelier. Together with this prominent atelier in Scandinavia, we have perfect a legging and top, requested by Pilates peeps and women around the world. Sculpted silhouette, recycled garments, timeless design, leaving no room for muffin top and a legging in which you can move with a sensation of freedom. 

We have removed unwanted seams, unnecessary pockets and seasonal design. Instead we have focused on a timeless cut, upcycled super-fine garments and a play with different textures. This collection will allow you to stay fully present in your workout.

Watch the video below and have a look at the work from the atelier. We hope you will like what we have came up with. View the new collection here

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Interesting! It’s exciting to read about the development and how the new collection came about.

Sara September 22, 2020

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