Banana Ice Cream Receipt with Super Fruit

How many ice creams can you consume over a summer? How many more smoothie bowls can you consume? When the summer hits the city, it seams like there is no limit to the ice cream consumption. We have the perfect receipt. 

We have an easy receipt for nice and easy ice creams that is inspired from the smoothie bowls, but much more creamy and ally you need is two ingredients. Banana and your favorite summer fruit.

Banana Ice Cream:

1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen strawberries or other favorite summer fruit

Simply place the frozen banana and strawberries in the mixer or blender and mix until you get a creamy and smooth consistent of the two ingredients. It is suggested to take out the strawberries and banana from the freezer one hour before you mix it.

You can top your ice cream with granola, peanut butter and local summer fruit.

The best of all with this receipt is that whenever your fresh bananas begin to go bad, you simply put them in the freezer and you save them for your best summer ice cream that you have ever had!

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