In Conversation with the Pilates Instructor Anula Maiberg-Piper

We had the pleasure to do an interview with Pilates instructor Anula Maiberg-Piper. Anula is founding faculty at Pure Body Teacher Training and host daily classes at Core to Coeur. 

This is probably not the first time you hear and read about Anula. She is determined to reach as many people as possible through movement, and help them to not give up, and keep trying. She is probably most known for being an agent of radical change within the Pilates industry, where she has brought light to diversity. On her own channel @anulamaibergthings she has stated this very profound and honest:

A few years ago I decided to do a crop top challenge. It was terrifying. I would post a picture a day showing my soft middle. Literally and figuratively. It was an exercise in fear, body politics, prejudice, discomfort and judgment but also an open and candid discussion about ability, strength, community and being able to tell the stories of our bodies. My story right now is of neglect, injury, love and also a big D word: depression. It’s ok to talk about it. Without shame.

When we asked Anula herself about who she is, she recognizes herself as first of all a teacher. 
I am first a teacher. It’s taken me a long time to own that aspect of my life. So, I lead with it now. I live and breathe the idea of using movement to connect people. I am childless. I am devoted. I think of little else. 
You have almost become the face of bringing forward conversations that many find hard to talk about. You come across as a very wise person. Do you have a life motto that helps you keep moving forward?
You’ll never look back on your life and regret the times you chose kindness.
What would you say spark your motivation and inspiration to keep doing what you do? 
I'm curious about what happened in some people’s lives to make them think they are unable to do what they believe they can’t. I am curious about the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies. I am curious about how much permission we need to feel worthy of important. I am curious about the moments where something became so impossible, threatening we chose to give up. I am curious how I can reach as many people through movement and help them to not give up and keep trying.
You often come back to body shaming and talking about the importance of allowing ourself to tell the story of our bodies. What is a beautiful body to you?
A beautiful body is beautiful when the person inhabiting it feels so.
We always ask our role models if they can describe what Pilates is. What is Pilates to you?
Pilates is exercise. An exercise of muscles but also in being present.
Do you have any Favorite Pilates moves?
My favorite Pilates move is anything that involves a twist.
As a sportswear brand we have to ask you this. What is your favorite Pilates outfit?
For sure a romper.

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