5 Min Pilates Workout for Scoliosis with Laura Hausler

We could not be more proud of this month's workout video together with the Pilates instructor and business owner Laura Hausler. We hope that you will enjoy this great five minutes workout for scoliosis backs, and rest assure you will like it no matter you suffer from scoliosis or not.
Watch the video for guidance.

Laura has set up her own master program for scoliosis and the inspiration comes from her own scoliosis. We do admit that we have an extra crush for this girl who is a role model and great ambassadeur for our sportswear. Our sportswear tributes the the back through its design, and aim to reduce the shame of abnormal curvatures in the spine, as a result from scoliosis.

Watch Laura’s exercises for scoliosis. The series of exercises shown in the video aims to strengthen the core and balance out the scoliosis. Try them!

First exercise, is a standing exercise where you stand with both feet grounded on the floor, hip distance apart and reach the arms wide out to the side, and up towards the ceiling.

Second exercise, is a lounge where you step forward with one foot and try to level out the hips. Bend the front leg and extend the back leg. Lift the heel of the back leg slightly of the mat and keep the pressure into the big toe. You can also reach the opposite arm from the forward leg up towards the ceiling. Repeat on the other side.

Third exercise, is using the tower unit, but you can do it on a mat reaching both arm ups without holding on to the bar, as Laura does in the video. The bar will help you get a little more deeper into the muscle engagement and feel the focal points easier. You want to hold onto the bar and bring both legs up into table top, while holding your imprint (tilt the pelvis towards your lower ribs). Then, reach one leg out into a diagonal on an exhale. Repeat and change leg.

Fourth exercise, same position as the third exercise but make sure the palms are facing towards you when you grip the bar and now you want to extend both legs at the same time.

Fifth exercise, same position as the fourth exercise but now you stay with the legs in table top and dip one toe at a time into the mat. Try to keep a nighty degree angle in the knee joint when dipping one toe at a time into the mat and make sure to engage your abs.

Sixth exercise, this exercise is using the tension springs in the tower unit to ground the upper body. Start with both legs in table top, hold on to the straps, secure your lower back by engaging your abs and extend both legs into a diagonal, in the same time as you reach both arms out to the side, and down towards the hips.

Seventh exercise, same position as the first exercise but now you squeeze a smaller ball between your inner thighs in order to engage gluteus and keep a slight external rotation from the femur. Heavy feet into the floor, and as you lengthen through up the top of the head, you reach the arms out to the side, and up towards the ceiling.

For a better understanding of the positions and muscle engagement, watch the video with Laura Hausler. Always consult with a doctor and trainer for a safe workout.

(This post was updated 2020-07-21)

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